Friday, 19 May 2017

Why Should Teachers Recommend Manjeet Singh Books for CBSE Board Examintaion?

Every CBSE maths textbook has its own features, some focus on quantity while other on quality. Keeping in mind the pros and cons, Teacher suggest the book which is perfect in all perspective to deliver the best.
 Only teachers can recommend a CBSE math books, as he / she knows the real essence of the book. Books are not mere collection of data and facts. A Manjeet Singh mathematics book has some specific characteristics and features which differentiate it from rest of the common books. A good book is a document, which is authentic. Author of the book has to follow some established parameters suggested by The National Curriculum Framework (NCF), in order to make the book more resourceful. In a quality book, there is supporting material for class 10 maths & no scope for ‘rote learning or cramming'.
CBSE reference mathematics books good results are complementary to each other. They are just two sides of a coin.

Here are some points for the teachers to find in a look:

  • Manjeet Singh is a trusted and tested name in the field of Mathematics since 4 decades. So, best reference Mathematics books for class 12 cbse you can rely on the content of the book. Long experience and wide knowledge of the author makes the book a ‘master piece’. He is one of the ‘pioneer’ authors among the Mathematics books, so Manjeet Singh book definitely enhances your Maths skill and develops a temperament to face the typical subject like Maths in an easy way.
  • Besides covering NCERT Solutions or Exemplar problems solutions, it provides plenty of solved examples with proper diagram and explanation, which support and guide the learner, when he/she practices the unsolved exercises of the book. The problems are so framed, which are very similar to the solved examples. Therefore when you solve the exercise, it seems that questions are replicating with slight changes.
  • Each topic is discussed in details to make learner better comprehend the essence of the topic and build strong foundation for the future. Manjeet Singh mathematics cbse books questions based on real life situation are provided, to make application of the concept more prominent for solution.
  • Solved Examples are so choosen that all the concepts, formulae and fundamentals of the related topic become clear to the learner. Difficulty level is increased gradually, so that in transition of level from easy to hard questions, learner feels no problem and remains comfortable with the level changing.
  •  ‘Miscellaneous Examples’ provide a bets supporting material for class 10 & 12 maths students platform to the learner, where he/she can solved and practice the different types of problem in a convenient way.
  • ‘Review’ section at the end is ‘A book within a book’ itself that is, you can say that review is acting as a ‘time saving’ lever with which you can do more and smart work in a short duration, as time is precious in the month of Jan/Feb.

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